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Cycling, although already popular, has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. While this sport doesn’t require as much gear as others, there are some essentials you’ll need whether you’re new to the world of cycling or a seasoned cyclist.  

Just starting out? Get these first.

Whether you’re new to cycling or just want to prepare yourself with some cycling items you may need, we have put together a list of our top cycling essentials to make your rides comfortable, safe, and enjoyable! 

A Bike

We know this may sound obvious, but if you are considering taking up cycling, the first thing you’ll need is a bike. Your bike needs to match your needs in terms of sizing, terrain, etc. Picking a bike can be a big decision from both a personal and financial standpoint. Checkout this bike buying guide to help you weigh your options as you dive into the world of cycling. 


Safety always comes first. While biking is a great activity and opportunity to get outdoors, it does come with some inherent risks. Take for instance road biking, while this is a great opportunity to take the road less traveled and go for longer distances, it runs the risk of outside factors such as cars, pedestrians, etc. To make sure you are safe and protected in the event of an accident, a helmet is a priority. There are all kinds of helmets available depending on the type of cycling you intend to do with differing ranges of coverage and weight. Regardless of which kind of cycling you enjoy, purchasing a safe and comfortable helmet will keep you safe! 

Water Bottle

Similar to any sport it is essential to stay hydrated and be equipped with a water bottle during your cycling trips. Cycling can be an intense workout so making sure you are hydrating before, after, and during will keep you in tip top shape and allow you to have the best cycling experience possible. 

Tire Levers & Pump

The truth is, cycling comes with some trial and error. What we mean by this is, there are going to be some accidents along the way. Take for instance you are cycling on the road and you get a flat tire. No harm done, however if you keep these tools with you while cycling you can mend those hiccups quickly and get back to what’s important…cycling!


Whether you are an early morning, mid afternoon, or night biker, a light is always a good idea. From a safety standard, lights can be just as important to your safety as wearing a helmet. This will ensure that traffic, pedestrians, and any other interfering traffic will see you on the roads. 

Chamois Cream

Trust us on this one. Reduce inflammation, saddle sores, chafing and general pain from long rides. Try our Crack or Super Crack all natural chamois creams.

While there are many other needs for cycling including locks, seat covers, etc these five essentials are our top cycling must haves to get you through any ride. Regardless of your experience with cycling, these items will keep you safe, prepared, and comfortable for any of your rides! 


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