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BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel) Fitness Wash

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When you’re done riding, you need something to get all the dirt, grime, salt, sweat, bugs, and, let’s face it, that post-ride funk off. BYOT does all of that and more, using an all-natural, essential-oil based, moisturizing formula (contains no alcohol). BYOT is great for every part of your body--all you need is some privacy and a towel, and you’re ready for a post-ride happy hour, without a post-ride shower (until you can get home to a shower). *Made with natural and organic ingredients

1 review for B.Y.O.T.

  1. Adriana

    BYOT is your BFF in situations where your BO needs a refresher!

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FAQs – B.Y.O.T.

What is B.Y.O.T for?

It’s simple – it’s for freshening up after your work out.  Nothing will replace a good shower after a ride, run or ocean swim – but sometimes you can’t get straight into the shower.  So, with B.Y.O.T all you need is a hand towel and maybe a little water and you are refreshed for stopping for lunch or beers or running to the grocery store to stock up for post-ride nachos!

So how do I do it?

Spray your body down with B.Y.O.T. (yes, you can even spray your face – but we suggest spraying your body then spray a clean towel to wipe off your face).  After spraying your body, you can use a dry or damp towel to wipe off all your body parts, cleaning off the sweat and grime.  We suggest starting with your head, then torso and arms, pits, down the legs, and then finishing with your delicate areas (of course – make sure to cover up your private areas with a large towel or changing kilt – no need to get busted for indecent exposure!).  If you want, you can rinse the towel out and wipe with some water, but that’s not needed – the B.Y.O.T. will leave no residue on your skin.

You offer a spray top and non-spray top – why?

For your first order, get the spray top.  But then for a second order – just get the screw top and move the spray nozzle over. Or if you have a spare spray nozzle, just use that.  It’s our way of trying to limit waste as much as we can.


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