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Crack is our natural, non-tingle chamois cream formula designed for both the cooler riding days and for those who do not really need or want an extra kick in the chamois while they ride.

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Crack is our natural, non-tingle chamois cream formula designed for both the cooler riding days and for those who do not really need or want an extra kick in the chamois while they ride.

*Electric Daisy Extract (antibacterial, anti-fungal, and pain-relieving properties), Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (rich in vitamin E, wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties)

So what exactly is “Electric Daisy Extract?” It’s the natural, herbal equivalent of mojo for your skin for long days in the saddle, and is safe for even the most sensitive skin. This stuff has some badass anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent friction of parts rubbing together so there’s no spontaneous combustion. We are talking about bikes, right?

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5 reviews for Crack Chamois Cream

  1. Adriana

    This product will make your bike rides all about the rides — buh-bye chaffing, funny walking, and screaming in the shower.

  2. B T Poremski (verified owner)

    I have been using Zevlin Crack for about two years now after trying multiple brands on the market. The natural ingredients are a must for me for skin concerns as well as hygiene. This brand works best on skin as well as chamois seams. Shipping is always prompt. This product is now my go to.

  3. Dan (verified owner)

    Lasts nearly twice as long as yellow & purple stuff. No smell. 2oz pots are perfect for travel.

  4. Glenn

    Zevlin chamois cream is simply the best! After 20 years in the bike industry I have tried pretty much every brand of chamois cream there is and Zevlin is by far and away the best!

  5. Travis (verified owner)

    Far better than anything else I’ve used. I’ve been riding for about 8 years now (last 3 years I’ve only used Zevlin crack non-tingle). Cat 2 crit racer. But maybe I shouldn’t give such good reviews. It is sold out and I need more 🙁

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FAQs – Crack

How much chamois cream should I use?

That’s a personal choice and depends on your body–how long you plan on riding, your sweat rate, and the weather.  We find the longer the ride or the more humid it is (or downright raining out), then we use a little more.  Start with a quarter-sized scoop and see how that works for you.  Adjust with each ride, and, after a short period of time, you’ll figure out what works for you.  NOTE: Because our chamois cream formula is thicker than some other brands and not water-based, you will not need to slather it all on to last for 3+ hour rides!

What do I do on long rides? Do I need to reapply?

Not unless you are doing 18+ hour rides. You should be just fine!  Our chamois creams are thicker (and not made with water), so they will not be absorbed by the body or sweat away. No need to reapply.  So, leave the jar at home and grab another energy bar for an extra 20 miles!

I have sensitive skin. Can I still use Crack chamois cream?

Yes, you should be just fine.  We strive to be as hypoallergenic and aware of sensitive skin as we can.  However, every person is a little different – so if you do notice any issues (with our product or any product), please stop use immediately!

I just want to try out Crack--do you offer single-serve pouches? (Also applies to traveling to an event – read this if you are traveling!)

No, we do not, for various reasons.  Since how much you use is personal, there could be not quite enough OR too much in a single-use pouch.  Plus, it’s awfully wasteful.  That’s why we have our 2oz option for Crack – just enough to try out without investing a lot (but we’re pretty sure you’ll love it).  Plus, this size is great for travel – it’s TSA-approved for carry-on luggage, and it’s got quite a few uses in it.  Going away for a long weekend?  Take this and you’re good for quite a few rides – and you’re not lugging your larger jar around hotel to hotel (or campsite to campsite for you bikepackers).


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