Leg Shave Cream


Leave any part of your body as smooth as a babies bottom.

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Wanna shave some time off your personal best? Well, okay, we can’t guarantee a personal best, but our shave crème, also made with all-natural ingredients, leaves any body part as smooth as a baby’s bottom. That’s right—use it on your legs, face, arms or anywhere that helps you be more aerodynamic (yes, even there). *Made with natural and organic ingredients.


Do I need a shaving cream for my legs?

Well, probably not.  You could be a savage and just use water and a sharp knife, but that won’t get you a nice, smooth shave.  And, well, it might be a little dangerous.  Leg Shave Cream has aloe and other ingredients to help keep your legs moisturized for a closer shave and stay smooth afterwards as well.

Is this just for my leg or can I use it for my face?

You can use Leg for any part of your body you decide to shave – your legs, face, arms, chest, and other spots. *ahem* It’s non-allergenic and has no harmful chemicals in it, so use it where you want to be smooth and silky, or, aerodynamic.